China Fashion Week is blowing us away with their incredibly luxurious creations. Not only are these designs absolutely jaw-dropping they are also fascinating. From opulent traditional Eastern wear to warrior-style pieces, Venetian masked ladies and painted gowns, there has been plenty of awe-inspiring gowns to take in from the Spring/Summer 2012 season.

"The haute couture industry in China is developing vigorously without any signs of slowing down. This is above my expectation," said designer Zhang Zhifeng.

"I thought my haute couture would live only with a small group of people, but now it is expanding very quickly. Consumers have become increasingly fond of Chinese traditional culture."

While many of these designs would look amazing on the runway (someone phone Hollywood!) some appeared more scary that stylish. This was due to huge spikes, twisted wire and body armour that would leave Lady Gaga speechless. Check out a few of the looks from China Fashion Week below.