If you've been into a Boots or Sainsbury's store recently you may have spotted some very nattily dressed Innocent drinks bottles. They've put on their best hats for the Innocent Big Knit campaign, which raises funds for Age Concern. For each special bottle sold, 25p is donated to the charity.

This year, Innocent have taken their campaign a bit further by asking some UK fashion bloggers to design their very own hats....

Obviously, we had to get in on the act, and I decided there was only one type of headwear suitable for Catwalk Queen; a crown! The amazing team at Innocent then took our design and made it up in two sizes, one to fit an Innocent bottle, and the other a one-off full-sized hat!

I have to give props to the knitters too (they're up there with our friends over at Crafty Crafty). I think they did a pretty wonderful job of making my crown a reality, especially given the primitive sketch they had to go on!


I mean, it even has proper jewels!


Now I'll be honest with you - since I designed it, I'm a bit attached to this hat and would love to keep it for myself. But the Big Knit is all about sharing the love, so if you can tell me why you deserve this hat more than I do, I promise I will give it to you. Drop me a line at and tell me why you deserve to be crowned.

Innocent Big Knit special edition bottles are in Sainsbury's and Boots stores now - make sure you buy one and help out a good cause in the process.