The newest judge to join the panel on Britain and Ireland's Next Top Model has been revealed and it's... *drum roll*... Kelly Osbourne! It seems her new role in the fashion industry hosting TV shows such as Project Catwalk and most currently, Fashion Police in the US, has cemented Kells as a bit of a leader in the field.

Her new job on BINTM will see her take a seat alongside fellow judges Julien Macdonald and Elle Macpherson.

"The plan is for Kelly to come on board and shake things up. She is a massive fan of fashion and has good pedigree working on fashion shows," a source revealed. "Crucially, she is also young and the whole point of the show is to find the next big thing."

Interestingly if Osbourne did join the ranks at BINTM this would possibly mean the end of the road for Grace Woodward or Charley Speed who have each spent two years on the show.

"Charley and Grace have been on it for two years and producers are looking at how to change the line-up," the source added.