Gemma Cartwright writes...

In one week's time, bloggers all across the world will embark on a month-long challenge known as Dressember. The rules are simple. For the month of December, you must wear at least one dress each day, and photograph it for your blog. The concept has been picked up by loads of bloggers from all walks of life over the last couple of years, though I believe the original idea came from the blogger Blythe Hill.

Last year I took part in Dressember for the first time, and had great fun getting some wear out of my (many) dresses. This year I'll be taking part again and recording my dress-wearing exploits for Catwalk Queen. If it's anything like last year, the Facebook group will set challenges some days (ranging from wearing old bridesmaid dresses to taking a photo whilst jumping) so it's bound to be a fun journey!

If you'd like to take part too (or if you've already decided to) please do let me know by leaving a comment. Part of the fun of Dressember is chatting to everyone else who's taking part and seeing what everyone is wearing!

This is not an exclusive event only for hardcore fashion bloggers - participants come from all walks of life and have varying styles and tastes. So many of us own loads of dresses but we never wear them, choosing 'safe' options like jeans and trousers instead. This is a chance to rescue all those unworn, unloved dresses from the back of the wardrobe and show them off. You can, of course, repeat outfits if you don't have 30 dresses, but it's fun to mix up the accessories.

You can share your pictures with the Dressember community even if you don't have a blog - there's a Facebook group and a Flickr group for the event.

And if you don't believe that I wore a dress (sometimes two) every single day last December, here's the proof! These dresses saw me through a bout of flu, a snowy Christmas and a good few parties along the way. My favourite was cooking dinner on a Saturday night in a fishtail evening gown, though! See if you can spot it below...


ps. Rest assured I have acquired plenty of new dresses since last year, so I'll try not to repeat too many of the above outfits this time around!