Eloise may be known for making mischief around The Plaza Hotel, but this week it was Betsey Johnson bringing her signature brand of pink personality to the New York luxury icon.

Betsey Johnson unveiled her pink Christmas Tree in the Palm Court at a tree lighting and tea party in her honor. It seemed she and Eloise collaborated on the tree, as it included pink tulle and ornaments reminiscent of the children's books such as turtles, dogs, and a nanny in addition to Betsey's signature lips, glitter and spangles.

But Johnson admits she wasn't always on such familiar terms with the hero of childhood privilege.

"Man, I was too middle class and poor to ever enjoy Eloise," she told WWD. "The whole idea of Eloise was just waaaaay too uptown for me."

As for her relationship with the Plaza, she had this to share: "I love when I do cornball silly things, you know, but I love it more when I have to go through huge corporate structures and they have to take a gamble on me."

Johnson revealed that she's hoping the hotel will throw her a party for her upcoming 70th birthday in one of their ballrooms.