I'm loving this purple and black colorway from the 2011 Victoria's Secret Fashion show airing November 29th. Adriana Lima is getting fitted for her wings, above, but how does she fit into the lingerie? It's an intense plan.

She's been working with a personal trainer every day since August, and starting three weeks ago she upped that to twice a day.

"It is really intense, it's not really the amount of time you spend working out, it's the intensity: I jump rope, I do boxing, I lift weights, but I get bored doing that. If I am not moving I get bored very easily," Adriana told The Telegraph.

But wait - the eating plan is even more intense!


While in the past Lima has described her protein and green leafy veggie-rich pre-fashion show diet. This year she reveals an even more stringent eating plan. For 9 days before the show she stops eating solids and subsists on protein shakes with powdered egg in them. Two days before the show she cuts her daily gallon of water, and 12 hours before the show she stops ingesting anything at all.

"No liquids at all so you dry out, sometimes you can lose up to eight pounds just from that," she said.

"Adriana works really hard at it. It's the same as if you were a long-distance runner. They are athletes in this environment - it's harder to be a Victoria's Secret model because no one can just chuck an outfit on you, and hide your lumps and bumps," said Sophia Neophitou, the British fashion editor who is chief stylist for this year's show.

But athletes and marathoners do generally continue to eat food, yeah? I just really hope the models go out for a big, carb-filled meal after the show.

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