Ballad-belter Jade may not have made it into Kelly Rowland's X Factor final four (much to the disbelief of most of the British public) but she definitely caught people's attention with her bunny print tie-waist blouse. Rumour has it the singer was told to tone down her goth look for judges houses, which would explain why she opted for something a bit bolder and brighter for her final performance.


The blouse is from H! by Henry Holland for Debenhams, and is yours for a bargain £25. It's only available in a size 6 online, but you may find a wider range of sizes instore if those canny X Factor fans haven't snapped them all up already!

Stay tuned to CQ for loads more X Factor fashion gossip in the coming weeks - this year's new stylist Laury Smith is all about the OTT, explaining "My fashion mantra is bigger shoulders, shorter skirts, higher heels and never wear one bracelet when you can wear ten!"

Something tells us she's going to have a field day with Misha.