Zooey-Deschanel-New-Girl-promo-pic.jpgThe costume designer for Zooey Deschanel's TV series, New Girl, has spoken about what it is like to dress one of our favourite actresses. Deschanel, who plays the character Jess Day, has quickly become Fox's next breakout star.

"Jess is more eccentric than the average girl, and her [outfits], although at times comical, are always interesting, fresh and modern, never dorky or unfashionable," said costume designer Debra McGuire. "I use a lot of bright colors and [bold] fashion alternatives for her because the clothes and shoes must reflect how fun she is."

As for what Jess wears on her feet, Debra says: "She is funny and sweet, which ties in with her being a teacher by profession. So far, she has been wearing a lot of flat pumps, ballet slippers and some kitten heels."

In future episodes we can look forward to a more "confident, independent and funnier" Jess. "There will be a bit of an evolution with Jess... The shoes and clothes are used to add laughter to the show each week."

[via WWD]