Halloween in the UK is always a tricky one. Though the US custom of just dressing up in whatever the hell you like is slowly making its way over here, many people here still see Halloween as a 'spooky' celebration where only the most ghoulish of costumes will do.

As far as I'm concerned, tacking the word 'sexy' in front of a regular costume is just not going to work for Halloween. Instead, I suggest using the word 'dead' instead. It's the perfect way to cheat your way to an appropriate Halloween costume made up of stuff you might actually wear afterwards. My first suggestion is the Dead Bride, worked around that black maxi dress you know you have hanging around the back of your wardrobe...


[Click image to enlarge]

- Underground Romantics lace godet maxi dress £26 ASOS
- Black waspie corset (wear over dress) £30 Corsets UK
- Black platform shoes with skull embossing £75 Iron Fist at Schuh
- Black veil on comb £5.52 Amazon
- 'Dead Roses' bouquet £4.16 Mardi Gras Fancy Dress
- Spiderweb arm warmers £4.50 Claire's Accessories
- Stargazer black lipstick £2.19 Amazon

ps. I called her the Dead Bride, not the Corpse Bride, because the Corpse Bride wore white!

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