erickson01.jpgIf you missed out on the Erickson Beamon collection for Target, or just can't get enough of the design trio's statement-making jewels, start getting excited! The brand is partnering with BaubleBar to be the first of the e-tailer's designer collaborations for their Fusion series.

Seven pieces will be available in three color groups - dirty diamonds (yes, please!), bright colors and pearl and crystal and range from $65 to $250.

"We like to call it 'populuxe' because it's popularly priced, but still luxe," co-founder Karen Erickson told WWD. "When we do these populuxe projects, we don't compromise on design integrity. The raw materials might not be the same -- but the spirit, design and execution are."

The collection will be available for pre-sale on Friday, and sell through December. Excellent holiday gifting opportunity! (Hear that, honey?)