There's so much animal print on the high street at the moment that using it in a lazy Halloween costume is a bit of a no-brainer. The trick to making a Big Cat outfit work is to chuck on as much print as you possibly can. Layer up a fur coat over a jumpsuit or leggings and a blouse, add leopard print shoes, don't forget the nail art (or cheat with nail wraps), draw on some whiskers and backcomb your hair until the cows come home - your makeup inspiration should be the cast of Cats in the late 80s!


- Animal print faux fur jacket £44.99 New Look
- Davina jersey animal print skinny leg jumpsuit £15 Boohoo
- 'All ears' animal print headband £6 Claire's Accessories
- 'Adrianna' animal print platform shoes £35 Chockers Shoes
- Furry effect animal print nail wraps £6.65 Nail Rock
- Denman D91 Brush (for backcombing) £3.97 Cosmetic Solutions