We've already shown you the behind the scenes images of Jade Thompson's New! Magazine shoot, now hear what she had to say that same day. While she was getting ready for the shoot, I grabbed a few minutes with Jade to talk about her experiences in the Top Model house, her upcoming appearance at BINTM Live, and what's next for her now she's on the books at Models 1...

How did you end up auditioning for Britain and Ireland's Next Top Model?

I went to BNTM Live last year with my little sister, and I got scouted. It was really surreal, I'd never been in a place before where people had given me so much attention, and it made me feel like maybe I could actually do this.

I didn't go with the aim of getting spotted, it was just a day out. My little sister was begging me to go along because she's a big fan of the show. I hadn't really watched it that much!

How was your experience at BNTM Live?

I remember there was a guy with heels on, teaching us how to walk. We had to walk with books on our head. I remember being really embarassed and thinking "what am I doing?!" But when I went onto the catwalk I got scouted by all three scouts, and got some free goodies from Wonderbra and Reebok, so it was all good!

How did you prepare when you found out you were a finalist?

I'd never done a photoshoot before, so when I found out I was going on the show I just went on Youtube and looked at videos of people walking on the catwalk and I bought Vogue and started looking at poses. It was all new to me and I hadn't expected to get that far, so I was unprepared.

Did you watch the show when it aired?

Oh yeah, every single episode! You have to, because you don't know what everyone else has been saying, and how they're going to edit it.

Do you think they did a good job of showing the viewer how things were in the house?

Yeah, 100%! They portrayed me exactly how I was, and Juste and Anastasia exactly how they were. Better, actually, than what they were! I did think maybe things wouldn't come across right, but they did a really good job.

How do you feel about the comments made by Juste about why you beat her in the final? (Juste apparently said "'I think they could not have a non-British girl win the competition")

Well, Tiffany won last year, and she was from Malta, so I think that says it all really! I think that I grew more throughout the competition, and Britain and Ireland's Next Top Model is about somebody becoming a model, not already being one. I think that I proved that and I think I deserved it.

Fans of the show will know you're close to fellow contestant Imogen, but are you in touch with any of the other girls?

I speak to Holly, Hannah, Stacey...we have our own little facebook page, so we talk to each other on there. To be honest, I got on with everyone. I can't wait for the live show so we can all be together again, like when we were in the house, but without the cameras on us all the time!

Did you have a favourite photo from the series?

I liked the bikini shoot close-up, just of my face.


I hadn't seen it until the show aired, so I saw it when everyone else did. I'd seen all the others before, so to see that was nice.

And any you wish you could delete?

The ballet shoot!


It was a really hard shoot. The dress was too small for me, my boobs were coming out, and it was a shoot where you had to jump about, so there weren't many photos to choose from, just the ones where I was standing. I didn't like the hair either, so it was a combination of everything...I'll put that one behind me and move on!

Since the show has finished, what have you been working on?

A whole lot of magazine shoots; a final four shoot, a couple with just me and Juste. I've been promoting the live show and going around with Revlon promoting what they're doing. I can't do anything else until the show is over, so I'm just working on that. Tomorrow I'm going to Models 1 to have a chat and do some more polaroids.

And what's next for you?

There's the BINTM Live catwalk show at the end of the month, I seriously can't wait for that, I'm so excited! Then I'm going to get to some castings and hopefully go to America.

I'd also love to do London Fashion Week.

Maybe for Mark Fast? [the finalists walked in a Mark Fast show for their final catwalk challenge]

I'd love that. He wanted me to walk for him but it was a bit too soon as nobody knew I'd won. But hopefully in February I'll get in touch with him and walk for him again!

Finally, have you picked up any tips or tricks behind the scenes at the shoots you've done so far?

Definitely! Less is more, I think. I used to wear a lot of makeup before and try to cover my freckles, but now I think you should try and embrace your look, and less makeup is better!

Jade will be appearing on the catwalk with the other finalists at Britain and Ireland's Next Top Model Live from 28 - 30th October at Excel in London. We'll also be there, helping our BFFs at OSOYOU to pick the most stylish members of the crowd for an exclusive show!

Stay tuned for your chance to win tickets