Young fashion stores might be ramming skinnies, boyfriend cuts and cuffed crops onto the shelves, but when it comes to jeans shopping, it would appear the average shopper knows exactly what she wants!

eBay Denim Infographic.jpg

An infographic (click it to view full size) released by ebay US compares sales of various womens jeans styles on the auction site. With over 3,100 pairs of jeans selling on ebay daily, they're definitely in the know when it comes to what women want. One style in particular - bootcut - has proven to be the frontrunner, with 793,289 pairs selling in the last year. This is miles away from the closest rivals (Straight leg and Skinny) at around 215,000 pairs each.

It might not be the most fashion-forward shape, but obviously women are more keen on a jeans style that flatters than a fast fashion alternative.

As eBay Fashion Creative Director, Andrea Linett, says 'The popularity of the bootcut is down to the fact that it can be worn at any age, and flatters most body shapes, particularly those with wider hips, specific jean styles come and go all the time, but women will always love their bootcut jeans. They're classic, all age-appropriate and are the most forgiving of all styles - especially if you're a bit hippy. The wider hem balances everything out.'