Bebe NYFW Ss12.jpg

Underwear as outerwear seemed to be a key dynamic of the Bebe Spring 2012 show at New York Fashion Week. With models clad in sheer organza and white pantaloons, the emphasis was on white- and only white- as the one colour used in every outfit.

Matching large white wigs offset this starkness with a hint of kookiness, and as the show progressed, the models seemed to become clothed- moving from sheer shorts and corseted waistbands, to tight shorts and tailored jackets.

Bebe runway.jpg

There was an Edwardian feel to many of the clothes and the oversized ruffled pantaloons had more of a Halloween feel than that of high couture.

Bebe are moving outside of their usual tight and bright territory with this collection, but seeing as the main lure of the show was the Jersey Shore members in the audience I'm not convinced they're fully on board with this new mature thematic.

Bebe 2012.jpg