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The Missoni Target launch was a hotly anticpated event in New York City today, and we made it all the way to Harlem to catch a view of the brand new collection. Teased by images of beautiful bikes, patterned skirts and stunning trolley cases, we were prepared to flash the cash and stock up (purely for research purposes). However, despite expecting a fair amount of fans to show, we didn't realize that some people would have been queuing for 3 hours and by the time we got there...

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We got there to find empty racks, destroyed shelving and forlorn looking displays. 'It was chaos', a store clerk told me, 'People were waiting in line and going crazy- there were women fighting over scarves and bags!'

The Missoni Target collection decimated Target, and online most of the lines have sold out- with the TARGET site continually crashing due to over use!

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We managed to find one piece left in the store- a pair pf patterned knee high socks ($7) so decided to purchase them and wear them for your pleasure. They weren't on a rack- they were literally by a till, so we got lucky!

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What do you think?

Will you be checking out the Target Missoni collection, or attempting to try and buy some whilst it's still available?

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