Fine tailoring, luxurious fabrics and shimmery colours were high on Giorgio Armani's list when creating his Spring/Summer 2012 collection. The designer took all the colours of a mother of pearl (e.g. blues, greys, silvers and greens) and transformed his stage into a light-filled arena. The collection moved between gently folded and draped strapless dresses to cropped trousers with splits, shiny jackets, floppy hats, pointed shoulders and mid-length wrap around skirts.

There was much to love about this collection, such as the watercolours and subtle tailoring that seemed to work perfectly on the body like a second skin. The finale featured three models all wearing identical strapless embroidered gowns to embody The Three Graces goddesses who represent charm, beauty and creativity. Yep, I think that sums up Armani's latest collection.