Three days in and we're starting to see some big trends appear at London Fashion Week. It's always the most mixed-up of the big fashion weeks as London-based designers are known for being some of the most experimental. But at Mulberry, we saw elements that had already appeared elsewhere, so we can start planning our key pieces. From acid brights teamed with beige and taupe (also at Maria Grachvogel) to luxury winter fabrics used for Summer clothes (a la Paul Costelloe) we saw some familiar elements, customised with a unique Mulberry touch!

Speaking of the Mulberry touch, we all know this is a brand that's all about the accessories, and this season you'll no doubt be setting your sights on an acid yellow Bayswater (no, really) or green print mini Alexa to team with your moss green sheer pleated skirt, slinky knitwear or rainwear-inspired clothing.

On that note, I want to say thank you to Emma Hill for recognising that Spring Summer in the UK doesn't always mean blazing sunshine! Maxi dresses are all well and good, but sometimes a girl needs a brolly or a coat, and there are Summer coats and rain macs aplenty in this collection!