ppq-ss12.jpg[Images: GETTY]

From the first beat of the thumping 90s techno soundrack they'd chosen, it was obvious where PPQ were going with their SS '12 collection: twenty or so years back in time, to the second Summer of Love. But there was no excess bagginess here: the collection focused on swinging sundresses in ice-cream colours, criss-cross straps and close fitting double denim.

Where the pieces did go a little wild was in the torn jeans, multi-coloured jumpsuits and more 'camp' pieces such as cowgirl hats and jewel-embellished shoulder straps with mildly fetish leanings. Many of the models had outlandish and unkempt hair styles, one with candy-floss pink hair. Pink ran all through the show, and was very much the collection's defining colour. In the front row we spotted one of PPQ's most high profile fans, the 7ft artist and personality Pandemonia.

The shoes were spiky platforms composed of a diamond strap pattern with a small flash of metal on the heel. They were decorated in the same patterns that made up the garments, including multi-hued 'trippy' patterns, mostly worn with schoolgirlish knee-high socks. Once again we'll be expecting to see a capsule collection from PPQ drop in Office's high street stores next season.