Karl Lagerfeld officially launched his capsule collection for Macy's ahead of the storm that is New York Fashion Week. The French designer was mobbed during the launch at the flagship store in Herald Square on Tuesday night. "It's very flattering," he said. "I was surprised at how much of the very young public was here. You cannot have an impression if you have people on every side screaming your name.

Count Karl was joined by Anna Wintour and Coco Rocha as he unveiled the collection, which is set to be his biggest mass retailer range since H&M. "The more and more your name is around, it's even better for Chanel. I am linked to that. I think this is the right moment for this. It's pretentious to make only expensive things." So far the collection has already done $1 million in sales with the big sellers his high collars, sheer blouses and scarves.