John Galliano arrives at court.jpgThe verdict came in yesterday for John Galliano... and it wasn't ideal, but it could have be much worse. The British designer was found guilty of anti-Semitism and fined a total of 13,500 euros.

The result comes after a seven hour trial in June which saw Galliano testify to a Paris court regarding two incidents, in February this year and October 2010, in which he made racist and anti-Semitic comments in a cafe.

The designer was absent from the court hearing yesterday, but was ordered to pay 13,500 euros ($19,031) in civil damages to three defendant. He was also given suspended criminal fine of 6,000 euros ($8,443) which he must only pay if he repeats the crime within the next five years. The maximum punishment in France for this type of crime is six months in jail and a fine of 22,500 euros.

"The court recognised he's not an ideologue, he's sick," said Aurelien Hamelle, Galliano's lawyer.