It's a rare moment when we get to hear from one of the original "supers" talk in such a frank and honest way about their life and career. It's lucky then that we managed to get our hands on this exclusive interview with Helena Christensen by fellow model Jade Parfitt for Swarovski. As one of the creators of the Unsigned Model Search with Swarovski Crystallized, Christensen shares some of her fondest memories of being amongst the phenomenon that were the 1990s supermodels.

"What was special was that each one of us had a very unique look and we each looked different. There was no conformity about our look - and our personalities too, we had very different personalities; emotionally and mentally - but I think that put together created this strong force of women. Maybe that's what has given our careers longevity," she says.

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For the last few days the Unsigned Model Scouts have been hitting the streets of London to find the next new faces of its S/S 2012 campaign. Through the search the candidates will have the chance to be photographed by Christensen.

Vogue's Fashion Night Out tomorrow night will see the finalists gathered from the nation-wide search over the past three months to be test shot in the custom-built studio upstairs in the CRYSTALLIZED lounge - which will be open for public viewing. This will also be a last chance for budding models to put themselves in the running of the competition by being test photographed there and then.

The winners of the competition will be announced at the end of October. To find out more about this project visit

[Video journalist: Osman Ahmed]