Wow. It is hard to see the plus-size model I loved in this new, less curvy incarnation of Crystal Renn. I applaud the change that she says has made her happier and healthier. But I do lament the loss of one of the only big-name, plus-size models in the game. She is seen above at the season opening of the 2011 Metropolitan Opera Season in New York last night.

"I think the most important thing that we all need to know, whether you're a model, you're a normal person walking around, you're an editor, you're a photographer, you're anybody out in the world - it's about individual health," she told the Daily Mail. "You cannot tell if someone is healthy, where they are mentally, from the outside, because health is different for everybody at different sizes."

Previously, she has said: "I don't want young women to think being thin is the only way to be beautiful. Beauty is not a pant size. I'm known for my body and I'm proud of my body."