WWD relaunch site.png

A letter from the editor says it all: "One hundred and one years ago, 'Women's Wear' was launched by the Fairchild family. The subscription price was 1 cent a day; $3 a year. The few copies we have left are yellowed with years and crumble to the touch," writes Ed Nardoza. "Today we launch our new Web site, the reimagined WWD.com. In the digital age, pages don't yellow or crumble."

One of our favourite industry bibles, Women's Wear Daily, has unveiled a fresh new look for its website. What has become a stalwart for many in the fash business has now taken a giant step forward by overhauling WWD.com. Not only does everything look a little more schmick, it also integrates all of the site's social media and digital channels. In response, Nardoza ask us a favour: "We're dependent on you to push us to improve each day. Feedback is not only welcome, it's essential. We hope you'll send plenty of it our way."

So, make sure to take a few minutes out of your busy day today to check out the new and improved WWD.com.