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You may remember us telling you all about online department store, Very.co.uk's competition to win the ultimate fashion job. The contest closed mere days ago so we popped along to the official announcement of the lucky winner. With the opportunity to work at Very HQ among the best in the business and become the fifth and final member of their V-Team of experts up for grabs (as well as a generous £50,000 salary) - tensions were high!

After receiving thousands of entries the finalists were narrowed down to four close runners up, but there could only be one winner...the 5th member of the official Very V-Team is 25 year old Suzi Tse!

The Very V-Team announced, "Suzi blew us away at our finalists' interview day with her commitment to fashion and her passion for styling. We were super impressed with her blogging background and her flair for design. She's going to be a brilliant addition to the V-team!"

As a fully fledged member of the V-Team, Suzi is set to dish out her fashion advice to many via Facebook, complete style makeovers and report from exclusive fashion events.

We managed to catch up with Suzi, click below the jump to read the interview.

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How have things been since you've won?

Well I haven't started yet - I've been in contact with the leader and they're currently putting the contract together. It won't be ready for a couple of weeks yet, but they've said I'll be designing and travelling up and down the country with the V-Team.

What were you doing before you won?

I graduated last year in Fashion Design and went on to work as a junior designer for a supplier so was designing for the high street. I was there for five months then went travelling. I went to Hong Kong, Korea and Paris. Since then, I've been concentrating mainly on my youtube channel and my blog, which took up a lot of my time.

What do you think made your entry stand out in order for you to get through to the finals?

Mostly I think I had everything they were looking for; someone who could design, someone who could give style advice and someone who could blog on their behalf. So everything they wanted for the job role, I pretty much already had.

What were the interviews like?

It was a 6 hour long process. We had four tasks overall starting with a one hour interview. We then had to put outfits together based on current trends and create a mood board to represent our understanding of the brand image. The fourth task was to answer some style dilemma questions.

Were you surprised to find out you'd won?

Really surprised! I was actually in shock, I just couldn't believe it. I knew I'd have 25% chance of winning as I was in the final four, but because the other people were so good, I never thought I'd have that much of a chance.

How would you describe your personal style?

My style changes from time to time, dependant upon trends. I like to buy basic, simple good quality pieces and jazz them up with accessories. If a new trend comes along I like to inject a new piece from the trend instead of splurging on it.

What trends do you think you'll be advising people on come AW11?

The new tailored and more masculine trend; I can imagine women will find it quite tricky to pull off.

Which celebrity would you like to style one day?

Kate Bosworth; I like her fashion, it's really simple and sophisticated.

We want to say a huge congrats to Suzi from all at Catwalk Queen!