Debenhams Clapham Junction riot.png

For the last three nights London streets have delved into scenes of anarchy, as groups of rioters stormed, trashed and looted shops, set fire to buildings, buses and cars, and terrorised the public. Last night, all hell broke loose as the situation escalated across the city and as widespread as Birmingham, Bristol and Liverpool. Many of the areas in London caught up in chaos included Hackney, Croydon, Peckham, Ealing, Deptford, Camden, Kensington and more.

Retailers also targeted by the angry mob included Debenhams in Clapham Junction, which was attacked by hundreds of rioters and ransacked. One video captures the moments when the department store was broken into, with shops along nearby Lavender Hill also damaged. Defenceless independent store owners were also left to watch their livelihoods be destroyed in an instant by hostile youths.

This morning, London wakes up to streets littered with debris, demolished shops, and burnt-out vehicles, as fears grow that another day of mayhem and violence lay ahead. The situation now leaves many wondering just what tactic Prime Minister David Cameron (who cut his holiday short to return to the capital) intends to take next.