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Hello from the hurricane zone! Yes, New York is under threat of Hurricane Irene, but it has not stopped us all from tweeting. In fact, it seems to be all we're doing. That and drinking. Here are some of fashion's most entertaining tweets.

@evachen212: like Irene could stop me. @barneysNY Here I come (@ Barneys New York Warehouse Sale w/ 5 others)

@csiriano: Of course I'm stuck inside, and I'm having a really good hair day!

@prabalgurung: I think Irene might need a lil help with her PR after this wknd @KCDworldwide u might have a new client.

@jimshi809: In case u r wondering, the Hamptons Hurricane Handbag du jour is the Hermès Garden Tote. I've counted 28 already. Mostly navy & olive green.

@AJMukamal: Just realized my Givenchy jeans are perfect for the rain! Fades from Black-to-gray down the leg so when my ankles get wet they are uniform

@peter_som: Since Irene is coming is it ok to stock up on Nutter Butters? Do calories count in a Hurricane? I think not.

@WmagGarrett: Irene is a grotsky little biotch. #hurricaneburnbook

@jimshi809: The #fashion crowd is out in full force at the liquor stores. I won't name names but, really, YOU drink whiskey & rum? ☹ #Hurricane

@mrjoezee: Your tweet saved me! Didn't have anything for bbq but took your idea! RT @cocorocha Used the garden hose to tie down my outdoor furniture.

@ErinFetherston: All about galosh chic in nyc today! Who else had to evacuate?? XO EF

@StanDarde: I just realized that if we lose power due to #Irene, I only have a bunch of scented Armani candles! Gonna end up fumigating myself. #Damn

@OscarPRGirl: i wish i had over the knee wellies with a heel