As we reported last night, the New York fashion industry kept their wits and tweets about them during hurricane Irene with some comedic relief. Who had our favorite hurricane tweets? Designer Prabal Gurung, seen above "hunting for coffee on 18th street" this morning, kept us entertained all through the storm here on the East Coast. Here are some highlights from Prabal Gurung's twitter.

@prabalgurung: Irene on her way to NY. I wonder what she's wearing. Is it all black so she feels like a "NYer"(yawn) or is she feelin color block?

@prabalgurung: And her hair? Pony tail or messy bedroom hair? Def not a chignon for Irene

@prabalgurung: Let's dig deep,Y is Irene so angry? Did her man cheat on huh or did he break up with her on post-it?

@prabalgurung: I think Irene might need a lil help with her PR after this wknd @KCDworldwide u might have a new client.

@prabalgurung: With all this crazy speed she comin at us Irene's got all her cardio for the entire year I feel.