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Details surrounding Kate Moss's July wedding to Jamie Hince have finally been revealed by the lady herself. As the cover star of US Vogue's September issue, Kate's nuptials were exclusively covered by the magazine thanks to her official wedding photographer, Mario Testino and pal Hamish Bowles who penned the article.

As well as finding inspiration in My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding, Kate admits she went "mental" with the details. "I wanted it to be kind of dreamy and 1920s, when everything is soft-focus. That light and that kind of fun decadence. It's rock-'n'-roll Great Gatsby!" Strewn across her fields were Edwardian marquees and a circus tent for the children, including a miniature drum kit, their own DJ and tepees to sleep in. Moss also had a stage built by hand, "which I'm going to keep for festivals for the future."

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As for THE dress, designed by her friend John Galliano, Kate also reveals the pair discussed everything on the phone. Then when he was released from rehab he brought her "bags full of bits, and pulled tulle and sequins and veils and flowers out. And then we just kind of pinned things together, like the old days, you know?"

"[I wanted] a classic Galliano, those chiffon thirties kind. I've lived in his dresses for years, and they just make me feel so comfortable. But it's so much more couture, couture, couture. Oh, my God, the work that's going into the dress!" she adds. "When I put the dress on, I'm really happy," says Kate. "I forget about everything."

Just dreamy!

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