Matthew Williamson diffusion line MW preview.png

Matthew Williamson is the latest designer to offer a more accessible diffusion line to his growing repertoire. As well as recently launching a capsule collection for Macy's and a bridal line, the busy designer has been stateside to unveil his latest offering, MW by Matthew Williamson.

"The aim was really to offer a broader collection, with more units than we have in the line--I think it spans about 250 pieces in the diffusion line," Williamson told Racked. "The idea is to have it at a lower price point, more accessible, and offer a slightly different slant on the main line. The main line is known more for print and colour and that sort of red-carpet aesthetic, glamour and jet-set and all those kind of ideas. So whilst those ideas have some synthesis within the diffusion line, I wanted to make it more about an urban wardrobe and less about speciality pieces."

As the "younger sister" to his mainline, MW will make its début online for this week - make sure to check it out!