Macy's is definitely aiming to attract the eye of the high-fashion consumer, or those who wish they were high-fashion consumers, this fall. On top of their collaboration with Karl Lagerfeld much documented on this site, they are working with Anna Dello Russo on the campaign for their in-house INC fashion line. The editor and stylist also stars in the campaign with supermodel Karolina Kurkova.

"We wanted to give our brand a new voice and we were looking at how pedigreed editors are expanding their wingspans to much more than just editing magazines," said Nancy Slavin, senior vice president of marketing at Macy's Merchandising Group. "Anna is so charismatic: she's colorful, she's wacky and she's become her own personality."

To go along with the campaign a microsite will launch next week giving fans a glimpse into Dello Russo's lifestyle and offer fashion advice.

"I've edited so many things in my life, the mass market is another challenge for me," said Dello Russo, from her August vacation in Puglia, Italy. "I wanted to see if I could push forward in a new way and Macy's for me represents the biggest of American shopping institutions."