Kate Middleton McQueen Irish Guards June 2011.jpgLondon has overtaken New York as this year's world's fashion capital in a new survey conducted by the Global Language Monitor. Based on a system that tracks the frequency of words and phrases in all different media including social media, London has moved up the list from third place to topple New York which has maintained the number one spot for several years.

While some may argue that Londoners have always dressed better than their Big Apple counterparts, the survey claims that the rise in ranks is largely due to Kate Middleton and a renewed interest in Alexander McQueen.

"We are seeing what the impact of two genuine media stars... Kate [Middleton] and Alexander McQueen can have upon a global ranking. Our numbers show that it was their presence that tipped the victory to London over New York," said Bekka Payack, of the Global Language Monitor.

After London and New York, Paris has ranked third on the list, followed by Milan and Los Angeles. While Berlin and Singapore entered the top ten for the first time. What do you think of these findings? Tell us below.