Whitney Port Kildare Village.jpgOn her first visit to Ireland, Whitney Port jetted into Dublin this month to launch the Summertime Festival at Kildare Village.

Sporting some red tresses, the reality-star-turned-designer made an appearance at the retail destination much to the delight of her fans. Whit opened up to The Chic Buzz on her own laid-back sense of style: "Lately, I've just been styling myself. I had a stylist when I was in New York when I had to film every day and I had to be in different, new outfits all the time."

Life after The City (her reality spin-off show to The Hills) seems to be treating Port well. "It's really nice and really refreshing to not have to worry about everything that comes out of your mouth."

As designer of her own label, Whitney Eve, Port has also created a limited edition canvas bag which will be sold exclusively at the Kildare outlet to raise money for Paul Newman's Barretstown children's camp. The festival launched on July 1st and will continue until August 14th. For more information on how to purchase one of these bags and support this cause, visit kildarevillage.com