Tash_Folds.jpgBallet flats are everywhere, there are even foldable flats at the drug store! So what do you do when you want a chic flat that's portable, not disposable, but doesn't break the bank? Natasha Tomek set out to answer just that question with her line of foldable flats called Tash Folds.

"Here are all these shoes that are one-time use and people were kind of catching on, it started trending in the U.K. and no one's doing it here in the US," Tomek said. "Everyone's making one-time use, why not make a foldable flat you can wear for years to come and not just one night."

We're definitely sold on the stylishness of the flats launching in August - there are hipstery floral lace-ups and pairs with bows and studs, quite a variety. They're easier to store in your purse than your average pair of flats because the sole creases for folding, but they have a more sturdy rubber sole than the pairs you can roll into a ball.

Keeping the price point accessible was a challenge.

"All our foldable flats all retail under $45, we use canvas, leather, the inner lining is satin," Tomek said. "Everything adds up and so I do understand why there are people out here that sell for more, it's challenging, but it's very important for me in my company [to stay affordable]. Especially coming from CA as well, Orange county it's just important to have lower price points."

Tomek's California background is evident in all her Tash Limited designs.

"I started at 15 and during that time I was into the skate industry and as I grew into being a woman I followed the trends and started separating myself from the industry. While designing for Beach Bums skate clothing wasn't selling for women, we started designing more dresses and tops."

So Tomek became more interested in womenswear design, but decided she needed a narrower focus and chose footwear.

"Clothing was really challenging in the fact that trends were changing so quickly and the economy and thinking of trying to start up a clothing line would be very difficult," she said. "Every girl has their cute gladiator sandal or their cute black pump or some kind of biker boot that you wear, and I started doing that, making sure it was all retailed under $100. Trendy but affordable, it has to do with my skate background."

We can't wait for the flats to launch in August and hopefully we'll get to show you a few styles. You can check Tash Limited and Shoebuy.com (where other Tash Limited styles are already available) to get the shoes next month.