Okay okay, it may feel a little early to mention the C-word right now, especially when most of us are still yet to bask in the summer sun, but you know how we like to stay one step ahead. Amongst the many festive themed preview invitations that come flooding into our inboxes at this time of year, we knew Selfridges would be somewhat of a treat.

From a limited edition Victoria Beckham handbag, to Alexander McQueen's Union Jack clutch, Vivienne Westwood's bustier dress, a bottle of Absolute Vodka and a one off Mulberry - there are some to die for exclusive pieces especially created for Selfridge's oh so White Christmas. Click on the image below to start the gallery for a little sneak preview as to what we can expect to see hitting Selfridges come the winter months.

What do you think? We can't wait!

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