Alexis Mabille's Autumn/Winter 2011-12 Couture collection was at the same time fantastical and practical. Exotic plumage, furs and - ahem - horns, belied the allegorical nature of the creations inspired by the fables of Jean de la Fontaine. But if you can imaging stripping these theatrical elements away, some beautiful and wearable pieces emerge. Is it a little something for everyone, or does Mabille miss the mark by going too extreme in one direction, the other, or both?

Most of the gowns, easily imagined on a red carpet or a socialite at a gala, featured modern takes on classic curve-hugging shapes, while there were a few ball gowns and some unusual silhouettes. While the theme was definitely cohesive, this variety of shapes gave the show a scatter-brained effect.

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