Olivia_Palermo_DKNY.jpgCan't get enough of the socialite lifestyle? Well Olivia Palermo has announced a blog that is likely to deliver plenty, oliviapalermo.com. At a DKNY party on Tuesday (where she was decked out in the designer) she told WWD "I'm working on a blog coming out in August" that will be focused on travel and "everything that I love."

Of course fashion will be on the agenda with Palermo's take on emerging designers, accessories and shopping. With Palermo's magazine background, however staged it was for "The City," we're pretty hopeful that it will be worth reading.

Speaking of "The City," we can't help but notice that Palermo is once again following in the footsteps of costar and arch nemesis Whitney Port who already has a fairly successful blog. We're guessing Palermo's blog will have more of a high-end feel than Port's "girl next door" voice. Palermo's only the girl next door if you live on the Upper East Side.