Happy Monday! We are all about celebrity babies this morning with plenty of bub news filling our inboxes. First up, meet Harper Seven - Victoria and David Beckham's new baby girl. The couple shared their first pics of their bundle of joy on Facebook over the weekend. The black and white photos show the pair doting over their first daughter. "I took this picture of my two girls sleeping...," David wrote on his Facebook page.

Victoria Beckham Harper Seven 1st photo.jpg

Meanwhile, Carla Bruni-Sarkozy has finally confirmed what we've long known - that yes, she is pregnant. In an interview with a French newspaper, the First Lady chatted about having to skip the première of her Woody Allen film and postpone her new album because she is expecting. "I have recorded an album, but it's not completely finished, because of this unexpected and unhoped for coming happiness," she said.

And finally, Miranda Kerr has introduced her baby son Flynn to the world on Australian TV. The Aussie model appeared on Channel 7's Sunday Night programme to share details of her private life, including the newest addition to her family. It's an interesting look at her life behind the glamorous lens, including footage of her too-adorable-for-words grandparents, Nan and Pa. Click on to see the segment...