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Lily Allen has stepped back in front of the camera for the August issue of Elle UK. The newly married pop singer showed no sign of a baby bump as she posed for photographer David Slijper. Ahead of their nuptials, Lily says she had personalised Louis Vuitton luggage made with her married initials LRC (Lily Rose Cooper) which freaked her hubby Sam Cooper out.

"He was really freaked out when he saw it. I practised my signature within an hour of him proposing," she reveals.

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Inside the mag, Allen also speaks about how unhealthy the lifestyles of those in the fashion industry can be and the body hang ups she suffered as a consequence.

"I hang out with models, the biggest pop stars and, you know, really and honestly, I hate saying this, but none of them are achieving those body shapes by being healthy," she says. "They're not just going to the gym two hours a day. They're not eating or they're taking speed not to eat. In America everyone abuses that Adderall stuff and people aren't normal."

At her lightest weight, Lily admits she was her most unhappiest: "I wasn't eating then, you know, [I was] going out at night. I guess when you're not eating you have to distract yourself with other things. Come three o'clock it was like, 'Oh I suppose it's acceptable to have a glass of wine.' And then by four o'clock I would have had four glasses. It's not the way to be."

The August issue of Elle UK is due to go on sale on Wednesday 6th July.

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