Kany_West_CFDA_Awards.jpgKanye West has been saying he's starting a fashion line for years. Kanye West says a lot of stuff. But now Grazia is reporting that he will be showing at New York Fashion Week in September instead of just showing up late to shows.

"With studios in both East London and New York, Kanye has apparently hired knit-wear supremo, Louise Goldin, to oversee design, St Martins MA legend, Louise Wilson, has been giving him one-to-one tuition - which explains his previous declarations that he wanted to study at the prestigious art school - and assumptions are that he has hired a very established stylist to work as a consultant," it said in Grazia.

I don't make much of these rumors yet, but I wouldn't put it past Mr. West to throw money and his personal style opinions at a project and call it his womenswear collection.