I love hearing Kate Winslet speak. Often it doesn't even matter what she says, her voice is just so melodic and her opinions always so eloquent, okay I'll just say it - I'm a little bit in love with her (girl crush alert!) This video which delves behind-the-scenes of her new St. John campaign shoot was music to my ears. Shot inside an old cinema in Jersey City, it is the perfect location for the Oscar winner to do her thang for the camera. It also strongly reflects who she is as an individual. A few of Winslet's favourite pieces are a camel knit dress and gray drawstring-waist trousers paired with a cashmere twinset.

"St. John and the message they want to put across in their clothes is something that very much goes hand in hand with how I feel about being a woman, being a mother, and being an actress," she said. "The clothes are cut beautifully, the fabrics are elegant, you can look extremely chic without trying too hard ... These are the kind of clothes that I would wear."