This powerful video shot on location in Cambodia really goes some way in revealing Angelina Jolie's connection to the country. As the face of Louis Vuitton's 'Core Values' campaign, the actress travelled back to the birthplace of her adopted son, Maddox, to shoot the ad. In an interview for the label, Jolie recounts her first visit to Cambodia (to shoot Lara Craft: Tomb Raider) and how she fell in love with it.

"I remember standing in the waterfall during one of our shots and they said 'just stay on this side of the waterfall because that side of the waterfall still hasn't been de-mined'. And I thought, as somebody from America, what does that mean, hasn't been de-mined? It's just the craziest, it doesn't cross our mind that all these children, and people walking around these areas, have landmines in the ground and that's just a part of their daily life." Really worth a watch!