Alexander-McQueen-dead.jpgThe final will and testament of Alexander McQueen has been made public. The designer, who passed away in February 2010 has left an estate worth just over £16 million pounds. The majority of this has been left to his Sarabande charity, which will be asked to consider assigning the funds in grants for students at Central Saint Martins.

McQueen also left behind £100,000 to each The Terrence Higgins Trust and the London Buddhist Centre. On a more personal level, he has bequeathed £50,000 to his housekeepers, Marlene and Cesar Garcia, for their "long and faithful service"; £50,000 to his godson and each of his nieces and nephews; and £250,000 to his sisters and brothers.

Finally, he left £100,000 to animal charities The Blue Cross and Battersea Dogs and Cats Home and £50,000 for the care of his three dogs Minter, Juice and Callum. The money has been put into a trust fund for the pooches so they can be well looked after for the rest of their days.

"The Blue Cross relies on donations to help animals in need so we are thrilled to have been chosen to receive such a generous legacy from Alexander McQueen," said Kim Hamilton, chief executive of The Blue Cross.