Elle Macpherson school run.jpg

For months we have watched as Elle Macpherson (and her long legs) turned the morning school run into her own personal fashion parade. We have scratched our heads and wondered, "Oh Elle, we love you but do you simply wake up looking like that? Or are you some form of alien species sent to Earth to taunt busy mums everywhere?" Now, it seems the secret behind Elle's school run hotness has been revealed. According to the Aussie supermodel, it's really because she is on her way to work, which includes being host of Britain's Next Top Model.

"I find it amusing that so much is made about my appearance, especially when I'm dropping my son off at school. I'm often on the way to work, so I've spent two hours having my hair and make-up done, and I'm wearing 'work clothes," she told Radio Times. "It takes ten minutes to get ready otherwise - I don't wear make-up, high heels and leather trousers in everyday life."

Erm... phew?!