More rumors are flying about the details of Kate Moss's wedding this weekend at her country estate in Cotswolds. Perhaps the most sought-after tidbit is the wedding dress designer, and the disgraced John Galliano is still the front runner as we reported in February. It would make sense for Moss to take a chance on supporting a fallen fashion figure embroiled in controversy, since she herself has been in that position.

On the dress issue, designer Bruce Oldfield gave Kate this advice: "Wedding icons ... I'd steer well clear of them, nothing but trouble. The press who don't like the 'icon' -- and they are usually the most vocal! -- will rip the dress to pieces and your reputation in the process."

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The food is going to be very rock-and-roll-inspired - "she is going to be serving Keith Richards' shepherd's pie, Steve Tyler's thai curry and Primal Scream's Bobby Gillespie's sausage and mash," a source told the Daily Telegraph.

And apparently seeing herself all over magazines and billboards hasn't dampened Kate's enthusiasm for her own visage. Decor is supposed to include pictures of her everywhere. To make sure her guests are as chic as the event, "there will even be a dressing-up room, with a range of vintage Ozzy Clarke dresses for her mates to wear" the source said.

The Sun has even been reporting on her gift registry: "14 crystal ashtrays which cost £240 each. She is also asking for a £6,600 silk rug, £5,000 cutlery service, £4,600 mirror, £4,750 cocktail set and crates of 2002 Louis Roederer Cristal champagne at £1,833 each." (I love looking at stranger's guest registries, so this is exciting for me. Though this reads more like J. Lo's tour rider. Also, does Kate Moss really need gifts? Shouldn't she be demurring in favor of donations to charity? Not the queen of excess, I guess.)

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