Karl Lagerfeld Lily Allen wedding dress.jpg

Update: It seems Lily did wear this Chanel dress to her wedding reception. She confirmed via Twitter earlier today.

Hang on a minute... I thought Lily Allen's wedding dress was created by French designer Delphine Manivet. In fact I know it - here is the photographic evidence to prove it! So what's this from Karl Lagerfeld then? The Chanel designer has uploaded an image of a sketch of the wedding dress he designed for Lily Allen's big day to Chanel.com.

As was presumed all along, the song bird asked Lagerfeld to create a gown to marry Sam Cooper in. Now here is Lily also wearing said dress (image, right). Did she perhaps have two dresses on the day? It's not uncommon for a bride to wear one dress for the ceremony and then switch into another one for the reception. Heck even Kate Middleton did!