John Galliano released from rehab LA airport screen grab.jpgMore designer news is flooding in this morning with the latest on the John Galliano scandal. Despite being in rehab since March for alcohol and medication addiction, the British designer is expected to stand trial on charges of public insult on Wednesday.

Galliano will front a Paris court over that anti-Semitic incident which occurred last February. Following the incident, he was subsequently fired from Christian Dior and ejected from his own namesake label shortly thereafter. According to Vogue UK, Galliano is currently still in rehab as the "treatment will be long and arduous - and ongoing for a long time in the future - but he is humble, apologetic and hopeful that he can recover."

His trial will be heard by three judges and no jury, the court will be open to the public no doubt ensuring a significant media presence. The hearing will include testimonials from witnesses on both sides. But as for what Galliano recalls of the incident, his lawyer Aurelien Hamelle claims he does not remember because he was in an "altered state". "This video, where he even looks a little strange to himself, gave him a shock." Hamelle added.

What may shock him even further is the revelation that Azzedine Alaia was offered his former position as creative director at Dior. Read on for further details...

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Alaia has confirmed that he was called about the job, however said he was flattered but not interested. He also added that the story of what happened to Galliano was sad, and he did not want to be part of the next chapter.

Vanessa Friedman of the Financial Times, who broke the news, wrote "the sheer fact that the Dior leadership was thinking this way does, however, make me think the field may be more open than the fashion world suspects."

With Alaia being offered the role it does pose the question - is the house of Dior looking for a whole new direction? Friedman adds, "if so, it would be a revolution that would have an enormous ripple effect on the whole fashion industry. My guess is other brands would immediately fall in behind; everyone is looking for a reason to change and slow down, but everyone is scared to be the brand that sticks its neck out."

Interesting times indeed.