John Galliano arrives at court.jpg

John Galliano faced a Paris court yesterday to stand trial. Dressed conservatively in a black three-piece suit, black and white polka dot scarf and black brogues, the court will determine whether the remarks Galliano allegedly made in a cafe in February were anti-Semitic. During the trial, the British designer answered questions over the incident. He responded by stating he had no recollection of the incident blaming his behaviour on ill health.

"I have a triple addiction. I followed a rehab programme, spent two months in Arizona, I am still being treated and spent two months in Switzerland," he told the court. "I'm a recovering alcoholic, I'm a recovering addict."

After almost 7 hours, and the testimony of three plaintiffs, the proceedings closed. A verdict is now set for 8th September. If convicted, Galliano faces up to six months in prison and a fine of 22,000 euros. The designer made no comment to the media as he left the court room.