It takes quite a statement to overwhelm the star power in the above photo taken at the Veuve Clicquot Polo Classic in the Hamptons. But Donna Karan's oversized woven bag and Haitian straw hat manage to do the trick. Julianna Margulies, Naomi Watts, Wyclef Jean, Hugh Jackman and Isla Fisher fade into the background in the face of these items! We can see one huge statement piece, but two? Wouldn't one of America's most celebrated designers know better? Guess not. Karan hosted the event along with Marc Jacobs and polo player Nacho Figueras.

Outrageous hats were in good supply, along with seersucker and pastel party dresses, at the event benefitting the Hope, Help & Rebuild Haiti program. Wyclef Jean shared this funny connection to Karan with FashionWeekDaily.com: "When I first met Donna a few years ago, I told her I was looking for her and had a story to tell her," Wyclef said. "When I was young, I worked in downtown Newark in a factory as a security guard. Some of Donna's clothes get shipped through Newark. I was on my post, I was young and I fell asleep. Dudes came in and robbed the joint--took like half of whatever Donna had in there. I thought if I ever met her, I gotta give her back a check because I fell asleep. Ask Donna how much; she knows."

[Source: FashionWeekDaily]