Checking out Timex's updated Easy Reader watches for J.Crew today, I was struck by how much I really preferred the men's watches to the women's options. Above, the men's Timex Classic Easy Reader is shown at left, and the women's version is on the right. I like the heftier strap and larger face on the men's watch (apparently size matters).

Maybe it's the menswear vibe I appreciate, an Alexa Chung kind of masculine-feminine dichotomy - a larger watch on a more delicate wrist. But I kind of just think I like the men's better! Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen had that spate of wearing huge vintage menswear watches, has this become thing?

Weigh in, do you ever wear a men's watch? Is it your Dad's or boyfriend's, or do you purchase them?

Also, click through for the Timex for J. Crew Easy Readers that got me started on this tangent.


[Image: Kaplow PR]