Sarah Burton McQueen Saks appearance.jpgSarah Burton has spoken further on what it was like to dress the most popular woman on the planet right now - Kate Middleton. During a visit to New York to attend the Met Gala, she also made an appearance at Saks Fifth Avenue for a meet-and-greet in the Alexander McQueen shop.

Speaking about her dealings with Kate, Sarah revealed that the princess was "one of the most lovely women" she has ever met and she was "really low maintenance". As for how the collaboration came about, she said the palace called her and it became a 50-50 effort between her and Kate.

With all the secrecy surrounding the royal wedding dress, Sarah said she "loved the secrecy of it until she kind of blew it by running into the Goring Hotel wearing a fur hood, which was from the last collection."

It does seem rather understandable then that Burton now plans to take a "nice vacation."